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    Ballpark Commons: A new model for connected Exos services

    April 27, 2022

Ballpark Commons: A new model for connected Exos services

In a world where the fitness industry is waking up to the benefits of whole-person fitness and wellness services, Exos physical therapy and performance training services launch this year in a community designed for athletes and high performers. Exos at Ballpark Commons in Franklin, Wisconsin, offers physical therapy, performance, and more for a purpose-built destination and residential setting that’s all about being better and doing more.

A unique setting for high performers

Ballpark Commons is a new multi-use development focused on sports and entertainment that features a 4,000-seat baseball stadium, indoor and outdoor multi-sport complexes, retail and office space, restaurants and bars, a skiing hill, and Luxe Golf Bays, plus apartments and senior living units across the street. The BPC community caters to health and fitness enthusiasts who commute to and from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and surrounding areas. It’s also home to a new American Association of Professional Baseball team, the Milwaukee Milkmen, and serves as the headquarters of the SCW Soccer Club and Prospect Training Academy. Rock Sports Complex at Ballpark Commons will offer tournaments that welcome pro, semi-pro, amateur, and youth sports teams.

Exos at Ballpark Commons is set to occupy the entire top floor of the Ballpark Commons hub, the Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (MOSH) Performance Center at the ROCK Sports Complex. The facility itself will be designed with the athlete in mind, offering next-level connected cardio equipment and 3D Movement assessments, dedicated spaces for movement preparation and recovery, and two indoor turf areas. Recovery services and amenities will include the latest technology, and Exos coaches will also offer nutrition consulting services for a whole-person approach.

Exos offers a new model for performance services

Exos is offering physical therapy and performance training services prior to the facility’s expected completion in late 2022. The full complement of services will include injury recovery, prevention, and performance-based services in an integrative model that blends PT and performance coaching like never before. Injury prevention is always part of the Exos performance playbook, which leans heavily on incorporating the company’s holistic 4 pillars of human performance:  mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery. Once the new facility is complete and all services are online, coaches and therapists will have an opportunity to deliver that 4-pillar focus like never before.

For high performers like young athletes, professional players, and former athletes who want to pursue active adult training, Exos at Ballpark Commons will provide everything they need to train and improve efficiently.

“This facility is a unique opportunity for Exos to bring together physical therapy and performance services that complete the continuum of care for athletes of every age and skill level,” explained Exos Senior General Manager Samantha Linart, an Exos consultant helping with facility and services planning. “Exos teams are able to work together to coordinate an individual athlete’s training after an injury, for example, within the context of what the athlete can do. Performance coaches can provide Return to Play coaching, nutrition, and recovery services holistically, working with PT to help athletes return safely to full-scale performance training with a focus on reinjury prevention.”

Exos connected services for every athlete

Ballpark Commons is the perfect proving grounds for scalable team and individual training programs based on proven Exos human performance methods in an environment focused on healthy lifestyles.

“This facility is changing the face of healthcare and wellness delivery so that the focus is on the end user,” said Amanda Radochonski, Exos Senior Director of Powered By Business Services. “It’s an innovative way for us to serve the entire community with wellness solutions in one location, with an equal emphasis on performance training and developing a winning mindset, as well as recovery services and nutrition coaching.”

While the facility’s grand opening is a few months away, Exos coaches are preparing for a busy summer. Youth camps, training, and adult coaching programs start soon.

Exos performance services later this year will also include coach-led corporate team training, tournament team movement and recovery sessions and nutrition tips, pop-up coaching classes for resident team members, and regular small-group performance coaching for all ages and performance levels. Add in Exos nutrition consulting and education, team nutrition services, and coach workshops, and you have a performance athlete’s every need covered.

“This is the first opportunity we’ve had to manage both a performance training facility and a physical therapy clinic that meet teams and athletes where they practice and play,” Radochonski said. “We’re putting together team and individual training and educational opportunities to help build this unique community, and we’re excited to get started.”

Growing and expanding through 2022-2023

Exos continues to build its menu of services in preparation for the grand opening in late 2022. At the same time, Ballpark Commons continues to expand and will feature 20+ onsite businesses. Luxe Golf Bays should be completed mid-year, and residential construction is expected to continue as demand for full-time living within this unique wellness community grows.

The excitement surrounding Wisconsin’s newest and most innovative multi-use development isn’t limited to local residents and athletes. Ballpark Commons is expected to become one of the premier fitness enthusiast and athlete destinations in the U.S. The implications of its success could inform future industry focus, and once again, Exos is poised to lead the way.

Learn more about Exos management and consulting services for fitness and performance facilities and Exos Physical Therapy clinic management services. Connect with us to learn how this human performance company has built its proven methodology over the last two decades, four pillars and one athlete at a time.