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Discover the power of napping

Let’s be honest. Getting the recommended amount of sleep every night is difficult. Between tackling late-night emails, trying to finish our…

5 Perks of embracing the great outdoors

Taking full advantage of available nature options is a great way to rejuvenate your mind and get moving in a new…

Up your snack game with mini-meals

What drives you to reach for a snack? It might be to satisfy a sweet or salty craving, boredom, to relieve…

5 Principles of mindfulness

Mindfulness is about both being reflective and fully experiencing the fluctuation of mental states.  It evolved from Buddhist tradition and was…

Exos leads “new” functional performance focus

Exos brings thought leadership to fitness and wellness. Read recent news about Exos functional performance becoming the industry standard.

Making athletic performance an accessible goal for all

One Exos program in Rapid City, South Dakota, serves as a model for the future of accessible athletic performance training.

Exos: Where human performance is for everyone

How Exos is taking this long-held belief, new insights, and an invigorated message to the world.

Exos Physical Therapy integrates behavioral health with re-injury prevention

When Katie Redmond* found herself battling chronic knee pain, her primary doctor recommended physical therapy. A quick search of her options…

How to remove barriers to youth training and build lifelong athletes

If the fitness industry expects to keep growing, trainers need to start breaking down barriers to performance coaching for youth athletes.

Virtual programming strengthens and expands connection

NEW YORK, NY –Before the days of socially distanced workouts, there were days when the fitness industry could promote togetherness and…

Building resilient fitness employees: Exos expands inclusion, mental health, financial health programs

Leadership requires maintaining a delicate balance between business acumen and people skills. The people skills that are most important in the…