MOVEMENT: Start your day off right with this quick movement routine

Life can get hectic. Before your day takes off, fit in this morning movement routine. You’ll need a towel or a foam pad.

Glute bridge | 5 reps

Squeeze your glutes to lift your hips off the ground.

Leg cradle – supine alternating | 5 REPS EACH

Point the foot on the ground toward the ceiling and keep your belly button drawn in.

90/90 stretch – with arm sweep | 5 REPS EACH

Exhale as you stretch and rotate without separating your knees or lifting them off the ground.

Lumbar extension – quadruped | 5 REPS

Always start with proper alignment and return to that position with each repetition.

Quadruped opposites | 5 REPS EACH

Reach long with both your arm and leg during each repetition.