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Ballpark Commons: A new model for connected Exos services

In a world where the fitness industry is waking up to the benefits of whole-person fitness and wellness services, Exos physical therapy and performance training services launch this year in a community designed for athletes and high performers. Exos at Ballpark Commons in Franklin, Wisconsin, offers physical therapy, performance, and more for a purpose-built destination and residential setting that’s all about being better and doing more.

A unique setting for high performers

Ballpark Commons is a new multi-use development focused on sports and entertainment that features a 4,000-seat baseball stadium, indoor and outdoor multi-sport complexes, retail and office space, restaurants and bars, a skiing hill, and Luxe Golf Bays, plus apartments and senior living units across the street. The BPC community caters to health and fitness enthusiasts who commute to and from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and surrounding areas. It’s also home to a new American Association of Professional Baseball team, the Milwaukee Milkmen, and serves as the headquarters of the SCW Soccer Club and Prospect Training Academy. Rock Sports Complex at Ballpark Commons will offer tournaments that welcome pro, semi-pro, amateur, and youth sports teams.

Exos at Ballpark Commons is set to occupy the entire top floor of the Ballpark Commons hub, the Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (MOSH) Performance Center at the ROCK Sports Complex. The facility itself will be designed with the athlete in mind, offering next-level connected cardio equipment and 3D Movement assessments, dedicated spaces for movement preparation and recovery, and two indoor turf areas. Recovery services and amenities will include the latest technology, and Exos coaches will also offer nutrition consulting services for a whole-person approach.

Exos offers a new model for performance services

Exos is offering physical therapy and performance training services prior to the facility’s expected completion in late 2022. The full complement of services will include injury recovery, prevention, and performance-based services in an integrative model that blends PT and performance coaching like never before. Injury prevention is always part of the Exos performance playbook, which leans heavily on incorporating the company’s holistic 4 pillars of human performance:  mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery. Once the new facility is complete and all services are online, coaches and therapists will have an opportunity to deliver that 4-pillar focus like never before.

For high performers like young athletes, professional players, and former athletes who want to pursue active adult training, Exos at Ballpark Commons will provide everything they need to train and improve efficiently.

“This facility is a unique opportunity for Exos to bring together physical therapy and performance services that complete the continuum of care for athletes of every age and skill level,” explained Exos Senior General Manager Samantha Linart, an Exos consultant helping with facility and services planning. “Exos teams are able to work together to coordinate an individual athlete’s training after an injury, for example, within the context of what the athlete can do. Performance coaches can provide Return to Play coaching, nutrition, and recovery services holistically, working with PT to help athletes return safely to full-scale performance training with a focus on reinjury prevention.”

Exos connected services for every athlete

Ballpark Commons is the perfect proving grounds for scalable team and individual training programs based on proven Exos human performance methods in an environment focused on healthy lifestyles.

“This facility is changing the face of healthcare and wellness delivery so that the focus is on the end user,” said Amanda Radochonski, Exos Senior Director of Powered By Business Services. “It’s an innovative way for us to serve the entire community with wellness solutions in one location, with an equal emphasis on performance training and developing a winning mindset, as well as recovery services and nutrition coaching.”

While the facility’s grand opening is a few months away, Exos coaches are preparing for a busy summer. Youth camps, training, and adult coaching programs start soon.

Exos performance services later this year will also include coach-led corporate team training, tournament team movement and recovery sessions and nutrition tips, pop-up coaching classes for resident team members, and regular small-group performance coaching for all ages and performance levels. Add in Exos nutrition consulting and education, team nutrition services, and coach workshops, and you have a performance athlete’s every need covered.

“This is the first opportunity we’ve had to manage both a performance training facility and a physical therapy clinic that meet teams and athletes where they practice and play,” Radochonski said. “We’re putting together team and individual training and educational opportunities to help build this unique community, and we’re excited to get started.”

Growing and expanding through 2022-2023

Exos continues to build its menu of services in preparation for the grand opening in late 2022. At the same time, Ballpark Commons continues to expand and will feature 20+ onsite businesses. Luxe Golf Bays should be completed mid-year, and residential construction is expected to continue as demand for full-time living within this unique wellness community grows.

The excitement surrounding Wisconsin’s newest and most innovative multi-use development isn’t limited to local residents and athletes. Ballpark Commons is expected to become one of the premier fitness enthusiast and athlete destinations in the U.S. The implications of its success could inform future industry focus, and once again, Exos is poised to lead the way.

Learn more about Exos management and consulting services for fitness and performance facilities and Exos Physical Therapy clinic management services. Connect with us to learn how this human performance company has built its proven methodology over the last two decades, four pillars and one athlete at a time.

Making athletic performance an accessible goal for all

The Exos athletic performance focus is all about removing barriers to fitness self-actualization. For everyone.

Monument Health Sports Performance Institute in Rapid City, South Dakota, serves as a model for the future of human athletic performance training. Senior General Manager Sam Linart says the facility’s Launch Program is changing lives for the better – for good.

“Our Launch members may never have considered themselves athletes before,” Linart explained. “Or maybe they’re people who loved the gym at one time, but felt like they had to get in shape to get back to the gym.”

“Launch is for everyone, and the community response has been incredible.”

Launch makes fitness training accessible

Mike Latour, System Director of Musculoskeletal Services and Sports Medicine for Monument Health, said the initial goal with Launch was to provide a vehicle for integrating lifestyle medicine for Monument Health patients referred by their doctors and therapists.

“Launch members are coming back to the gym after a long time, or they may not have any fitness training experience,” Latour said. “They enter the program after being referred by physical therapists, physicians, or other members.”

“They stay because they can see and feel the results.”

With a huge and growing adult training population, Monument Health SPI has built a successful retention program focusing on providing a continuum of care that’s fully integrated with Monument Health medical care.

It’s more than personal training

“Launch is there for anyone,” Linart explained. “A typical workout incorporates body weight and light-weight movements for about 30 minutes in a small-group, coach-led session. It feels like personal training, but there’s an element of community camaraderie that’s essential to keeping members engaged.”

Launch participants are introduced to the full complement of Exos methodology, a little at a time. Coaches focus on teaching mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery pillars in a way that’s immediately applicable to members.

“The classes focus on movement quality while building strength and cardiovascular health,” Linart continued. “While all four pillars play a role in the Launch program, the biggest take-away for most members is the mindset part. Their mindset shifts, they find their confidence, and believe in themselves, and they begin to see that they are capable of so much more than what they originally set out to accomplish walking through the doors.”

That’s why the Monument Health SPI program continues to grow.

Launching a Revolution at Monument Health

Monument members are able to take advantage of personal health coaching at any time during their Launch experience by signing up for Revolution.

The Revolution Program began as a 12-week virtual “conversation” about topics such as meal prep and building healthy habits. It’s now an in-person lifestyle discussion centered around building healthy habits.

Linart explained that a member might spend 3 months to a year in the Launch program, while Revolution is 3 months focused on behavior change. It can be combined with a training program to incorporate the movement pillar and, gradually, more challenging athletic performance training classes.

Both offerings are designed to remove barriers to entry for anyone interested in better overall health.

“Members move through Launch at their own pace,” Linart explained. “They work on building confidence and fitness, then move to Bridge or Return to Play, then adult performance training classes.”

Launch and Revolution membership continue to grow. With many people looking to re-engage in healthy habits they started – then lost – during the pandemic lock-downs, Linart says she doesn’t expect the hybrid introductory programs to be a passing phase. In fact, they’ve become a model for building community and engagement at similar Exos managed performance training sites.

“We currently serve 270 active adult performance members, and more than 45 youth and high school members,” she continued. “This is such a unique community, and the coaches really enjoy helping members achieve small victories and daily progress.”

“That’s what human performance is all about – getting better every day.”

About Monument Health Sports Performance

The Monument Health Sports Performance Institute teaches athletes, first responders, and community members behavioral health and lifestyle medicine. Exos Coaches and a Performance Dietitian offer individual and group training for members of all ages and physical abilities. Exos provides business consulting, staffing, membership, maintenance, community outreach, and ad hoc marketing support for the Monument Health System.

Learn more about Exos facility management and consulting services to see what a welcoming, accessible sports performance training program can do for your fitness facility and community.

Exos: Where human performance is for everyone

How Exos is taking this long-held belief, new insights, and an invigorated message to the world

By Jeff DiBiaso

Over the past 20 years, Exos has worked alongside some of the best athletes and teams in the world. This is our legacy.

What you might not know is that Exos has been bringing this same training behind the scenes to physical therapy patients, members at community centers, and employees at Fortune 100 companies. And now we want to move that front-of-scene.

So in late 2021 we unveiled the new Exos brand. Our goal: Bring Exos’ experience and insight to everyone, including you. After all, human performance is for everyone.

Here’s how we’re bringing this message and experience to the world.

1. Redefining how we talk about human performance

We’re still Exos. That will never change. But with our new brand, we’re redefining how we talk about human performance. As Exos has grown into the go-to training resource for the pros, performance training has naturally been elevated to elite-athlete status.

And elite athletes should expect elite training. But so should everyone else.

Our coaches recognize that there’s an athlete in everyone, and it’s one of the many reasons we believe in the four pillars of human performance: mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery.

2. Sharing our four-pillar approach to human performance

Our four-pillar approach was designed using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which categorized human needs in order of importance. First up, physiological needs and safety. After that, love and belonging and esteem. Lastly, self-actualization.

Our cyclical approach helps fulfill these needs, leading to a better, stronger human.

  • Mindset
    Mindset impacts every aspect of life. At Exos we recognize that human performance limits are typically self-imposed, and through education and motivation our coaches can help break down barriers to physical improvement. With the right mindset, each person can reach higher than ever before.

  • Nutrition
    Nutrition is one of the most basic human needs. And the brain and body requires the right fuel to perform its best. Exos coaches share how nutrition impacts performance and help implement small changes that can ladder up to any goal. This goes hand-in-hand with nutrition, as positive lifestyle change leads to improved performance.

  • Movement
    Mindset and nutrition build a foundation for movement. And Exos coaches understand the importance of functional movement and injury risk reduction for better overall performance. This shows up in how they explain the principles of movement and improve movement through purposeful, progressive training.

  • Recovery
    Optimal human performance requires recovery. With quality sleep and muscle recovery, new levels of performance can be achieved. Our coaches recognize that recovery is equally as important as mindset, nutrition, and movement.

Our holistic approach hasn’t changed, it’s just evolved with research, insights, experience, and a more intentional focus.  

3. Emphasizing self-actualization

Together the four pillars of human performance are the secret to self-actualization. Exos sees the hero that exists in every human, and we strive to help others achieve their full potential.

So now more than ever, whether you’re running a business, working on feeling better day to day, or looking to improve the health and performance of your local community, Exos is here for you. And our coaches are ready to champion anyone who’s looking for more. 

Our message to the world: We’re here. When you’re ready, so are we. #ExosReady

To learn more about Exos services, visit teamexos.com or contact us to start a conversation.

WorkLife Wellbeing powered by Exos, PENN1, New York, NY

Site Offerings

WorkLife Wellbeing powered by Exos is a more than 25,000 square foot fitness and wellness center in the heart of PENN1, a midcentury, multi-use corporate office building in downtown New York City. The site was revitalized by Vornado Realty Trust as part of a larger PENN DISTRICT campus renovation project encompassing 9 million square feet in a dozen buildings surrounding New York’s Pennsylvania Station. 

Located within the building’s first three levels of an interconnected WorkLife amenity ecosystem serving PENN1 corporate tenants, Wellbeing shares the space with a full-service restaurant, private dining rooms, formal and casual meeting and conference spaces, and more than 80,000 square feet of adaptable workspace.  

Exos Management

Exos partnered with Vornado to support design and development of the WorkLife Wellbeing fitness solution to serve an onsite population of 12,000 tenant employees. Exos services have included facility design and layout consulting, equipment procurement, and marketing for branding, pre-sale, and grand opening events. Exos will continue to manage and staff the facility and manage its operations, membership, and marketing needs. Fitness programming will include the fitness center, group exercise, personal training, a Fueling Station, wellness and nutrition counseling, restorative therapies such as massage and top-tier recovery services and equipment, a retail Gear Shop, and powered by Exos sports performance training.


Mercy Fitness Center I-35, Edmond, OK

Site Offerings

Mercy Fitness Center is a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility with the latest in technology and equipment. Located inside Mercy Clinic I-35, the fitness center offers medically integrated programming and works with clinic physical therapy, orthopedics, and nutrition professionals. In addition to an expansive fitness floor and indoor walking/running track, Mercy Fitness Center has a saltwater aquatics area with two pools and a spa. The center is also home to Mercy Sports Performance and has dedicated fitness studios, a cycle studio, and offers a full group exercise schedule, personal training, massage, swim coaching, and an onsite member childcare facility.

Exos Management

Since 2017, Exos Community Operations has managed Mercy Fitness Center’s operations, staffing, programming, ancillary services, and marketing promotions. Mercy Fitness serves more than 2,500 members and generates an average of more than $1 million per annum for Mercy Clinic. 

Exos Marketing Support

Exos Marketing provides marketing strategy and support in partnership with Mercy Marketing and Exos staff. The team manages a promotions budget that averages $8,000 monthly and includes internal and external communications, digital advertising, website management, and brand and reputation management.


Minnesota Timberwolves Exos Team Services Agreement

Managed by Mayo Clinic Sports Performance powered by Exos, Minneapolis, MN

Mayo Clinic Sports Performance is an Exos-managed entity with two locations at Mayo Clinics in Minneapolis and Rochester, Minnesota. Sports Performance Coach and site manager Luke Corey manages Team Services Agreements, to include services for 15 rostered players and 40 operations staff within the Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Franchise.

Exos TSA Services

As the Timberwolves Exos TSA Coach, Corey attends every practice and game during the NBA season. A registered dietitian and certified performance specialist, he performs regular nutrition evaluations, hydration testing, pre- and post-game supplementation, and general nutrition and performance counseling, both in person and virtually depending on team member needs.

TSA Services also include specialized menu planning and meal preparation and delivery for players. Corey works closely with team trainers, coaches, and players to ensure that nutritional support aligns with overall and individual performance goals.


Children’s Sports Performance powered by Exos, Plano, TX

Site Offerings

Located inside Children’s Health Andrews Institute of Plano, Children’s Sports Performance powered by Exos provides customized training and nutrition coaching for local youth, high school, and adult athletes. A medically connected performance site, Children’s Sports Performance specializes in Return to Sports training and works with Children’s medical professionals to manage post-physical therapy patients’ advanced sports rehabilitation needs. The site also manages Team Services Agreements with local sports teams and offers sports-specific camps focused on high-performing athletes of all ages. Coaching includes nutrition counseling, functional movement and performance screening and coaching, and individualized, goal-based training in a small-group setting.

With fewer than 100 members, Children’s Sports Performance powered by Exos is an elite-level training facility focused on exceptional service and performance-driven results.

Exos Management

Children’s Sports Performance comprises a team of highly dedicated Exos Fitness Specialists whose focus is community education and growing the client’s revenue streams. The Exos Community Management scope includes staffing, operations, member management, and consulting with Exos Community Marketing on an ad-hoc basis when requested by the Children’s Hospital marketing team. 


Manny Cantor Community Center, New York, NY

Site Offerings

Manny Cantor Center is a project of New York City’s Educational Alliance. Located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the center is a hub for the local community and offers fitness, education, cultural, and child development programming for its more than 3,000 loyal members. Fitness programming features a full schedule of popular group exercise classes, now offered both in-person and online through virtual and hybrid memberships.

A unique destination for local Manhattan families, MCC’s family programs include an art school, pre-school and children’s camps, a teen center, college preparatory programs and counseling, and education and health programming for older adults. The center’s focus is on diversity and inclusion, a mission sustained through virtual community-building during extended pandemic lockdowns in 2020.

Exos Management

Managed under the community center experts at Exos, MCC Fitness provides wellness industry programming development, staffing, and management for the community center’s diverse member population. Exos services include operational management for the 7,000-square-foot fitness facility, personal training, group exercise programs, and membership marketing strategy, consulting, and implementation.


Minnesota JCC Capp Center St. Paul, St. Paul, MN

Site Offerings

Formerly known as St. Paul JCC, the Minnesota JCC Capp Center was founded in 1930 by enterprising members of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Jewish community. Throughout the years, the JCC has grown to support a robust and active local community. The current location on St. Paul Avenue was constructed in 1964, with additions in the 1990s to provide for members’ child care and fitness needs. The JCC is a family-focused community center committed to Jewish cultural preservation and education, childcare, fitness, recreation and socialization in a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment. The facility continues to offer health and fitness programming, cultural arts events, and a summer camp at nearby Camp Butwin. Onsite fitness facilities include a gymnasium, aquatics center, and fitness center with classes and programming for all ages, including babysitting services for the children of members.

Exos Management

The JCC partnered with Exos management during a re-launch and facility renovation in 2017. Exos community center management experience helped provide a successful membership presale and grand opening for the revamped fitness and aquatics centers. Staffed and managed by Exos fitness specialists, those facilities continue to be a wellness destination for a highly engaged and active community. Exos Marketing provides consulting, membership recruitment and engagement services, marketing strategy, budget management, and tactical implementation. Since the end of 2021, Exos is managing operations and staffing at the Minnesota JCC Sabes Center.


Bryan Glazer Family JCC & JCC on the Cohn Campus, Tampa, FL

Site Offerings: Bryan Glazer Family JCC

The Bryan Glazer Family Jewish Community Center opened in December of 2016 to serve as a hub for the larger Tampa community. Located in the historic Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, the center comprises more than 100,000 square feet of health and fitness facilities, recreation, visual and performing arts, a business accelerator, aquatics center, senior living center, teen programming, family services and a food bank, and also offers a variety of virtual programming for all ages.

Site Offerings: JCC on the Cohn Campus

The BGFJCC sister site is JCC on the Cohn Campus, a 21-acre facility that is home to family services, community programming, a well-established preschool, assisted living residences, and a large fitness and aquatics center with multiple outdoor athletic fields and courts and a child care center.

Exos Management

Both JCC facilities were under Exos management during the pre-opening and membership pre-sale periods for the Bryan Glazer Family JCC beginning in 2016. Since that time, Exos has managed both fitness centers, to include staffing, operations, facility design and management, membership sales and marketing, member services, in-person and virtual health and fitness programming for all ages, facility branding and marketing strategy and implementation support.